It is been a while since I posted here. Right now I am busy with attending some forums to get more knowledge about online marketing. Even I know how to make money online, I still feel that I need to learn more and know beyond the world wide web and after more than 2 months, look what my work have done.

Intriguing? But that was the reality. If you know what’s beyond the internet then you will easily get absorbed the knowledge how to make profit from it. I was like you when starting this journey and as you know, I started from PTC’s or Paid to Click sites which I have learn before and got a nice profit from it (until now, that method is still going, kicking and making me money on autopilot), probably not that big anymore but it still a nice income when you are doing another method or system online.
You also came from it right? Clicking ads all day and nothing happens then you just want to quit your online goal which is making money. So what have I done lately? Well just testing another method online and after 2 months of preparations and studying about the systems, look what have my work paid in me…

May to June Paypal Balance just in case you need inspiration online

Yes, that was $541 USD in three weeks or more than 23 days. The income came after I started doing the systems in 2 months and after that (May 27) my first income came and paid me. Although my passive income still continuing to earn me, I still want to learn more about how to make money in a different way which is the long way or the long term income, that is why I decided to study and read some interesting experiences of other successful persons online then after learning is taking ACTION in to it.

$500 USD is a small amount of money for 2 months for me, but I know in coming days, I will try to leverage and expand these earnings by continuing and pursuing what have I learned. So guys, if you want also to learn and know my systems, you can subscribe to my email list and I will send you how things works for me and maybe it will work for you also.

Ok, I am giving this method away for free (this is NOT the PTC method I used) and if you are really interested by getting the information you need how I make these money then don’t forget to write your email below and I will tell you how you can get this idea for FREE without the need of money.

Information is valuable than money on the internet.

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