I am really excited to tell you about what happen this past months on my online career. I am busy with promoting my new site (Not going to tell you this for now guys) when some of the subscribers ask me how is my online marketing's going on? So I have written this post just to inform them and here are my latest PayPal balance.

PayPal Passive Income Payment Proof
From $5,000 Per Month Bump Up To $8,000+ - This Is No Joke

The question of most subscribers are "are you really making that money?" then my answer is "just look for the proof above". I don't want to say that I am earning like this or that, I want proof that my readers would see and benefits.
Actually, if this is not true then how can I bought a car? (actually it is not brand new but it still the best car for me).

I have been on their feet when I am starting this career and I can say that it is really hard to be a failure in life. I ask to myself, why most internet marketeer or online workers failed to achieved better results in their online job? After 5 years of experience online as a user and a customer, I have found out that only 10 percent of successful persons online where wise investors and the remaining 90 percent of it was those who believe in "Making Money Online Without Investment".

Now my question to my fellow reader is this - why you should forget everything you learned about earning money online with no investment?

If you don't know the answer, then please continue reading.

I think you know the rules of nature that if you want something, you have to work for it to get it. Investment is a part of nature, and if you did not believe that investing is a profitable deeds then stop wasting your time doing internet marketing. There are kind of investment you must done in order to profit on what you are doing.

3 Kinds of Investment - My Own Checklists

  1. Time - This if very important. Time is gold. If you really want to succeed online then invest your time to it. Stop believing for 4 hours a day and you will earn millions a week. When I am starting online, I almost consume my 20 hours of my day online, yes, when I am starting. But when I saw my results, that was the time I reduced my hours online.

  2. Work - For me, working hard is a part of investment. Stop believing on others about making 300 per day without doing nothing, this is totally wrong. Imagine, can you reap a fruits if you are not planting any tree? Ask your self a thousand times then ask also others.

  3. Money - Yes, I invest money, that is why I also reap/get money. At first, I have to tell you that I don't have enough money to invest, but investing my Time and Work gave me a little Money then afterwards I discovered how to invest those three in the right way.

I guess I have said a lot from this post, and sorry guys if I posted rarely here on Bloggerbux, because I invest most of my time promoting rather than writing. I know, this is more effective because this is what I have experienced.

A last reminder on all my readers, don't be afraid to invest if you have something to invest because nobody knows when the blessings on us will come.
Like me, I started my career on PTC (paid to click sites) doing clicking ads, but in the long run, I have discovered the secrets how to manipulate their systems and make 1000x profits from these sites. I also tried online surveys and they are really effective money making. Always remember this,
If you invest nothing, then you will not get anything.


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