how i made 900 USD in my paypal account in one month 2015
My January PayPal Account - $9,1300+

I am back again posting this report. Actually I really don't want to post this kind of stuff any more just to prove I am earning online... but some of my readers emailed me a weeks ago asking me about how much I earned last January and if the method I told to them were still working.

My told them that the method should still work because it is still working for me but they need a little tweak to make it more effective and powerful online. My first post here on BloggerBux about my income was almost about a year now (you can read it here) and to tell you the truth, it was still giving me a nice amount of money directly on my PayPal account.

My Latest Payments On My New Career

Lesson I Learned Online

Stay in Focus - It means you should avoid distractions. If you want to see result on what you are doing right now online or offline, you should stay in focus. I have been on internet marketing for almost 6 years now and that is the one that I am still learning until now because there is a lot of distractions online and if you can't avoid them, that is the time of your failure.

Thinking Scam - I always laugh at people who didn't know what scam is. 100 percent on the internet was scam if you are thinking it was a scam. People are buying so much things that they didn't use. Buying methods that works but saying it was not? People just love to read but they didn't want to do it and take it on actions (asking for refunds). That is the kind of people that "will not ever" get the goal they want.

Be Inspired - Staying in focus is not just enough. You have to be in motive also and always inspired. This is the one I am doing if I felt that I am loosing a heart to continue my homebased career (because sometimes, earnings are not stable - read it and see it here). Using this inspiration I have bought a car on my own and it was a very happy day of my life because not all of the people doing an internet marketing can achieved this.

Stop Thinking Free Stuff - Ok, this is the last thing I want to tell you. Free stuff will not boost your income on what every business you do. You have to invest and you need to think that everything you do online or offline is an investment. Maybe you are thinking about using a free software or free method or a free service? In my 6 years experience online, those free stuff are garbage and has a low of quality.

Maybe you are telling to yourself right now, "I am doing PTC for free and making money from it (like $0.001 per click) without any investments and how can you tell me that free stuffs are garbage?"

The answer is, yes, you are not spending money paying for clicking ads but your are investing the most valuable things than money... and that is your TIME! Can't you imagine how much are you earning for 30 seconds per click? Some PTC pay you $0.01 dollars and you are wasting not just your time but your internet connections and the electricity you spend when using your computer (it is also a part of investment). Now, see how much investment are you spending when online?

These are just the lessons I have learned and things that I avoided. If you want to earn, you have to invest and you have to invest the right way. Investing is like planting. If you plant then in the future, you will harvest but if you plant nothing (invest nothing) then you will also harvest nothing.

Hope I have posted the right way and gave some inspirational thoughts about my January income report. Have a nice day.


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