I haven’t post anything here on Bloggerbux so I guess it is time now to follow my last post.

Many of my readers asked me how I became successful online and what are the tools I used to automate my job.

I have been on internet business for almost 6 years from now and done a lot of trials and errors. If you are following my recent blog posts, I already written about it how I make $140 per day on PTC but I am not focusing on that niche right now (to tell you the truth, it still working and paying me automatically but not as much as I started.) because there is a new one that make me so much more money than it. Let me show you a some of the screen shots of my earnings.

Screenshots of my 2 days profit (Feb. 6 - Feb. 7)
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Ok, I am not going to tell that method I am doing right now here but I am going to share to you guys how I make a lot of money doing it using some tools I bought. It is hard nowadays to find reliable tools we can use to increase our traffic online and also increase our earnings.

Let me tell you first how I started promoting my product on social networks last year, I am doing it manually (it was really pain in the ass!) and I also pay for people who will do and leverage the job. At first I don’t care if I am paying for it (I spent $600 USD per month) because I already have money to spend for traffic but then I realized when one of my virtual assistant told me to try a tools to automate my job online and reduce the people I hire, that is the time I tried MassPlanner.

 Best Social AutoPoster Tools 2015

I know that the use of social media these days is not solely for socialization purposes or personal usage, but for variety of purposes. Many people (including me) are using social media for business, campaigns or raising awareness among many others.

The Internet can provide us with different platform in which we can make use of its many known advantages and eventually benefit from it. The power of social media to connect people is the primary reason behind its usage for business and campaigns.

Many people see social media as a powerful tool to promote their business or their advocacies. Thus, it is very frequent to see a business page to be promoted this day.

My primary source of traffic are media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. for my business, there are perhaps many things I need to attend to every day. Managing different account for a business and or advocacies can be effective and beneficial to my purpose.

However, managing these many accounts can also come with big responsibilities and tasks that I need to immediately attend to or otherwise, my campaign would be useless.
In order to effectively manage my social media accounts in my campaigns online, I need to be organized. This is the key thing that is why I succeed in this kind of field. I make use of organizing tools that are specifically designed to me manage my social media accounts campaigns and that was MassPlanner do.

2015 Best Facebook Mass Group Auto Poster

How Do I Use Mass Planner?

Like what I said before, I am doing social posting manually to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest and it is really a pain in my side (not just that, I also wasted my time on posting from 3 to 5 hours just to ensure I posted my message in all these social network) and a time consuming job.

Unlike now that I have MassPlanner, I can post my messages on all my social accounts in one click or scheduled my post and never go to those site anymore (how efficient right?). Now I am no longer spending 3-5 hours going to Facebook, Twitter or other social networks just to consume my time but I have saved those hours to more profitable work.

These Are The Used Of Mass Planner

  1. It allows me to schedule my social media account post for a convenient way of publishing my online posts and products. I do not have to go again and again to the those social networking site just to post my messages. Really a time saver.
  2. I can also automatically share my posts on my social media accounts, Facebook groups, find new pages within my network, auto-follow people, and have a hassle-free post with an advertisement of the software or product I am using and a friendly customer support.
  3. Such features that come with this tool is helpful in increasing my cliente or audience. It also increases my efficiency because it provides the convenience of planning the post and save time from posting manually from different pages and groups. I am posting to over 300 groups on Facebook and gave me a lot of visitors to my site. You can look at my traffic stats below.

Screenshot of my blog traffic in one day

There is no need to imagine how I pulled so much traffic to my site and make a solid profit everyday. I post to 300+ groups on Facebook (once a day) and get these traffic alone (that was 8000 / Eight Thousand hits). Now I am generating more income directly on my PayPal account than my previous method using MassPlanner.

2015 Best Facebook Mass Group Auto Poster

I don’t need to worry about the groups or pages that I must have forgotten to post on or worry about the schedule of posting as it can be done automatically and efficiently. I also decrease the amount of people I hire to do my online posting it is really a money saver also.

Things You Should Know About MassPlanner

  • MassPlanner is a Windows-based software and thus one should need a computer with Windows as an operating system. For people who are using Mac or Linux, they can still use this software by it virtually or by setting up windows VPS. In short, if you want to run this software 24 hours, you should open your computer 24 hours and run this on the background. In my case, I rent a VPS hosting online to run MassPlanner (this is another story).
  • You can subscribe to this service by paying a monthly fee. This software also has a 5 day trial and you can try it (that is what I have done) but , note this one... I will tell you that in 5 days don’t expect to see the result you want. In my experience, I have used this for almost a month after I saw the result I want.

For me, paying for an amount like $9.99 USD is not a big deal, why? Because I have never seen anything like this software to automate my job. Like what I said earlier, I spent $600 USD per month for paying people and services to promote my blog, but now, I am only paying at least $100 per month for my virtual assistant plus the $9.99 on MassPlanner to do the automated job and the result was more great than I have paid for $600.

I have saved almost $500 and profited more than the price I have got than my previous work. How profitable isn’t it? Now I am earning more than before and gaining more traffic than before.

Screenshots of my 2 days profit (Feb. 6 - Feb. 7)
Click the image to enlarge

For Your Safety: Important - Money Back Guarantee

  • You should know that almost for every digital purchase there is money back guarantee that lasts usually between 30 and 60 days.
  • Also you should keep in mind that some services are non-refundable once purchased (this includes SEO services, SSL certificates, domain services and similiar kind of services).
  • The cancellation policy is straightforward. Within 30 or 60 days, you should request your refund, also it can happend that you will recieve your refund mines any fees associated with subscriptions to extra services that you ordered.

Also I recommend you to use Paypal everytime you can, because it is easier to request refund through Paypal.

In my experience I didn’t even think to return the software because I have already found a way on automating my posts and messages to all my social accounts, and I know you will also love this software like me once you already using it. There is no other software I would recommend than MassPlanner because it has the ability of what I am looking for to do my social networking, I have listed things I know why you should choose MassPlanner.

MassPlanner is Updatable – Means, we know how these social networks update their system regularly (lke Facebook) and if the software we use where not updating, then this software is a garbage.That is why the support of this software are 100% reliable and easy to contact.

Stop buying software that is on one-time payment policy! Think of it, if the networks you are trying to post make changes on their systems and upgraded, you can not use those software anymore. Unlike MassPlanner, they are also updating their software when some of the tools/modules are not working properly, that is why we subscribe for a monthly fee.

We can assure that this software will work even if all of the networking sites updates.

Important - Subscription Based Service

  • As their customer you can anytime cancel your subscription if you are not satisfied with services that they are providing to you.
  • Basically you can do it through Paypal dashboard if you subscribed through Paypal or you can unsubscribe inside their members area.
  • If you are not sure how to cancel subscription, please contact their support team through email, phone or live chat (if available).
  • Also you should know that cancelling subscription will not return your money, in order to request refund, please read carefully paragraph above.
  • Also if you cancel your subscription, it is really hard to renew your subscription, usually you have to order new service or even create new account.
  • For detailed help with your product or if you are requesting refund, please try to first contact service provider or if you need help from them, you can freely contact them anytime you want.

Quick MassPlanner Features

  1. Money back guarantee for your MassPlanner investment.
  2. Professional support for all your needs - 24/7 available.
  3. Very clear user friendly interface for your business.
  4. Really affordable prices compare to other Facebook Solutions.
  5. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want.
  6. You can try MassPlanner for just $9.95 per month.

That's it.I guess this post are going longer than I expected but I will cut this here. My main reason to post this review was to inform most of internet marketeers (new or old) what is working for me this present day and I know it will work for a long term. I know how hard for some of you to promote your blog post online and get a lot of traffic from it and that is what this software do. I know you can also do the right decision from reading my experience.

P.S. Some links has an affiliate link to it, so if you click and buy MassPlanner, I will get a little commision from it. It is not much... but if you considered my post as a help of review to solve your “getting traffic online” problem, then consider it as a reward to me.
 Best Social AutoPoster Tools 2015

To our success... Chris


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