Again I am writing my monthly income report to inspire most of you guys. I haven't wrote about it since my last post where I wrote my January income report, and now it's been 4 months later (I never knew how time goes by really fast).

Before I show you some of my proofs, I want to tell you that some of my profit was not only coming on 1 income streams and I didn't got this by just telling myself that it is easy to make money online. Actually, it is not really easy to make money on the internet, when I am starting my PTC journey, I only gain at least $0.10 cent per day (imagine that?), until I have known how Internet really works. You don't have to rely on others telling you that they do this and they earn this and that, but you really have to do trial and errors and that is what I did.

So I guess that is enough, here are some of my screenshot earnings from February and up to the first week of May.

Hope this video gave you more inspiration on your online journey.


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