Its been a while since my last post because I don’t post a lot here on my blog unless it is an update about my online success, that is why today I am going to share you guys about what I am done these past months.

You already know (if you are following my journey here) that I am doing online money making for the last 6 – 7 years and I know how hard to make money if you have no experience. Most of you, I also started doing paid to click jobs which is viewing ads on ptc sites and it really make me money but not much (most of the time my profit is short because I have to pay bills and other stuff).

Imagine, I am viewing ads the whole day and I only earned .80 centavos? Not even close to 1 dollar! That is a real bulls**t. I came one time that I am very frustrated and I felt like quiting on making money online (I am sure almost of you also experience what I have felt). Ok but until then, I never stop experimenting and tweaking until I have hit the goldmine system in autopilot and the rest was history.

Now, I am currently earning atleast 5-10 thousand US dollars per month on my PayPal account alone and I feel like I have to do something more to scale up my earnings online. I buy books, which are related to business and motivation to make my mindset still up and focus on what I have doing right now. I also attending seminars and webinars just to ensure that I am still up to date and know all the trends about online business. I met a friend and he is not a popular guy online (because he don’t want to be recognized...)but he really makes money online like a monster. Unlike me, he earns 180,000 above per month.

At first, I don’t believe it when my cousin told me about his online profits until he shows me the proof and checks he received. I was amazed and motivated by the fact that even the most unpopular guy can earn this kind of money. He told some of his technique and advice me about how he implement it online.

He told me that I must expand my traffic to increase my profit. I told him also what I have done online and the dirty little secret I made to make a four figure income a month and he told me that I can triple my earnings if I will combine this system to the method he was using. To make the story short, after that conversation, I start doing what he has told me.

Getting the traffic.

How I get those huge traffic? Simply through advertising. But this can be very tricky, if you go for Google Ad then you need a lot of money to get the traffic you need. For a very small budgeted investors and want to try first what can be the result of advertising, you must select the right advertising sites or company. My friend refer me to a very good advertising sites that can deliver high quality traffic. When we say high quality traffic, it is a traffic that convert really well so that your budget can double or triple when that traffic rolls in.

Want to know the advertising site I used?

The site is called – what is it?

CPM means “cost per thousands” m means thousands in roman symbol. Cost per thousand impression was minumum of $1 USD. Meaning, there are 1000 unique visitors that will see your ads and you will pay for only 1 dollars. The only thing you must do was to make your ads clickable by those viewers. Unlike CPC which means “cost per click” meaning, you will pay for every clicks made by the visitors from your ads (like ptc).

The procedure on putting some ads from CPALeader was very straight forward and easy. All you have to do is,

  1. Go to the site which is (no need to sign up) 
  2. On their homepage tab click “Advertisers”
  3. Choose CPM or CPC
  4. Select the country you want to target and banner size (I choose skyscrapers [160x600] cause it converts on my campaigns really high).
  5. Set a budget for that campaigns. Select your package. In my case, I paid for $190 per 100,000 USA impressions. Because I want to try for the first time how my campaign will go.
  6. In this step, you have to upload the banner image you want to show from your audience. And put the link destination where you want the traffic/visitors go when they clicked your banner.
  7. Make a payment and wait for your ads to be approved.

That’s it. If you want to learn how to make a high converting ads or banners you can do some Google and research for it, because in my case, I already have a system that really converts well on people who want to extend their income online using PTC sites and this is the thing I am doing right now.

In my latest statistics above, you can tell how much money I can made by this enormous traffic and this thing is really automated and I don’t have to touch it again and again. I just have to set it once and track all of my earnings when the traffic rolls in.

In my first attempt, I already rip from 100,000 impressions a total profit of 290 USD in 1 day minus the payment which is $190 equals $100 net profit, I guess it is not a very bad first attempt and this week, I will be buying more package from different countries and test how these visitors will convert.

PS: You also need to track all your traffic to know what will convert well and what is not. I use prosper202 to track all my traffic. This is very very important.

Now that you know how to vacuum traffic and visitors to make a lot of money, you should also take action now and start learning. Hope you enjoyed and inspired by this short case study post. See yah all next week.


  1. Great blog. I enjoyed it so much while drinking my morning coffee. Makes one feel grateful. Thanks.