What is Bitgold? - it is simply like PayPal or Payza but they are backed by gold. They are not networking or multi-level marketing network.

When your registered on their website, they will give you instant 0.01gram of gold. This is a physical gold and the rates are calculated in real time.

At first I was in doubt joining it but I tried because it is FREE and I don't have pay them anything, unless I want to save a bit of gold. Then I also tell this to all of my friends offline and online and because of their system that BitGold gave them initial gold on their account, many of my friends and relative have joined, after a month this is my result.

When I saw my dashboard, I really didn't take it seriously because I thought that I can use this online but can't withdraw it. Now, after a few months later I try to withdraw it on my local bank account using Wire transfer and this is what I have received from them.

Ok, they said that my redemption was approved and I waited for at least 5 business days and I am shocked when the money was transferred from my bank account. It was really 88 thousands peso (that is our local currency). It was big of course! Imagine, I just share this to all my friends and that's all, they paid me. I also search and look about BitGold reviews but none of them are negative.

It wasn't exactly 88 thousand because of the service charge.

Lesson learned? Always grab when opportunity came. Hesitant are hindrance to success.

If you will not act now, then somebody will do it for you. In fact, registering are free and you don't have to pay anything. The only thing you should to was, fill up the forms with your true details (you will need this, when you redeemed, because it must match your bank account details) then verify your email and phone numbers.

What country are accepted? I guess, they accept all countries because everyone of us can be their clients on the future. Gold is the most valuable, powerful and oldest currency in the world and their business was to enhance us (the user) to save gold for our future.

Is BitGold Not Paying? Oh my God. Is the payment proof above didn't answered this? Of course, BitGold is paying.

Is BitGold Scam? Absolutely not. They paid me and they will pay you also if you will just follow their rules. Those people who are yelling online because Bitgold didn't paid them are those who cheated and used a lot of accounts just to gain referrals. Bitgold will know if your referral was fake and if they will caught you, your account will be banned instantly.

Don't think too much... Register Now and see your gold deposited instantly.


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