Hello guys! Some of the readers asked me about my journey on Passive PayPal Income if it is still working this present day and I just blog to answer their questions. Well, let my latest PayPal statement answer that question. See the image above.

Yeah... I must admit that yesterday was the most awful day because I only got 11 conversions worth 101 US dollars and the lowest earnings of all time was my previous $83 dollars last March 2014.

Ok let me ask you something before I finished this short post:

Is $101 US dollars in a day can change your life? For me it is YES. $101 per day is equals to $3000 per month and $36,000 per year  and if you know how to invest it offline, that is a very huge income and you can expect a big ROI.

The good thing about this is... it is a passive income and you can do it online when you are at home. Internet was becoming a big market and opportunity for marketeers, so don't get left behind and start what you discovered.


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