Long time no update! Now is the time for me to write some of the things I have done and what will I do in the future. Lately, I am experimenting on Twitter and been busy focusing about the traffic I am getting on that site. I also tried and tested that even a very brand new account can get 1 thousand of Twitter followers in just a week. Seriously, it's no joke and that is the tricks I want to share with you guys.

Most of Twitter users don't know how to implement the right method to get a lot of followers (when I say, followers, I am referring to REAL followers and not those you can buy bulk or thousands for a few dollars online because they are all fake/bots account.) and make it an authority account full of active and real followers. I am gonna show you guys how I done it with video and my newly created BloggerBux Twitter Account. This is the screenshot before I started to do this journey.

This account is very new and I think it only ages 5 days ago when I created it. There is no header yet and as you can see there are already 7 followers on it with 5 tweets. I gain followers because of those tweets, because sometimes when people search for a specific keywords and found your latest tweets, they might click your profile and follow you as well and people people think that you are real because of your updated tweets.

If you noticed the 5 tweets I have posted was not posted directly on my desktop but I used a site that can automate or schedule my tweets for me and I will discuss and tell that shortly at the bottom of this post, so continue reading.

These are the summary steps I am going to do in the next 7 days and let us see if it will achieve our zero to thousand of followers in 1 week.

  1. Follow the followers of the account in your niche.
  2. Automate your tweets every day with 2 to 3 tweets per day.
  3. Unfollow all who not follow back (every 2 days).
  4. Rinse and repeat for 7 days.
Cost: $0 dollars

I can't totally say that this method cost $0 dollars because we use resources like electricity and the most expensive one which is our time but if you are just beginning and want also to use Twitter the smart way then this will not cost you any fee.

Step 1 - Automate your tweets using Hootsuite

This is important! Why? Because we want to avoid from being banned. We have to make our account aged first and while we wait for more days, we have to prepare what we need to tweets. Tweeting regularly can pull organic followers. Do you remember my 7 followers? It is because of the tweets I made. Users find my tweets and followed me, so regular tweeting can pull a lot of keywords and traffic to your profile. 
In my case, I have old posts from this blog and all I have to do is repost all those posts and put it on Hootsuite. You don't need to register on Hootsuite, just go there and login with the your twitter account and authorized the apps. See screenshots below.

After authorizing the app, you will be redirected to your dashboard. First thing I do is to setup my auto posting schedule.

Go to settings then locate AutoSchedule in the tab. I set it to 3 tweets per day between 8 in the morning to 7 pm and don't forget to hit the "Save Settings" button below. It is all up to you which time you want your tweet to be posted, once you set it up, it is time to compose the messages we want to post.

Composing Messages In HootSuite

Like what I have said before, I am only reposting my content from this blog and all I have add is the images I want to include in the post. When you write messages, you just have to click the text area located above your dashboard.

If you want to shrink your link, you can put it on the text area where it say's Shrink then press it after you have put your URL.
Also press the CLIP icon where you will have the options to upload custom images for your post.

The below image will be the result when you are done composing your tweet. Click the calendar icon to set the AutoSchedule and turn on the switch setting. Now press the AutoSchedule black button below and check if the scheduled post was successfully set.

To see if the autoschedule was settup, click the + button where it says "Add Stream" then choose Schedule from the dropdown menu.

Now, we can see that the pre-post was successfully set up. We can also see when will the tweet be posted. That tweet will be posted on April 18, 2016.
Repeat this steps to create more tweets in the future. Let us say, if I am going to tweet 3x per day and I want to schedule my posting 1 week in advance, that will be 3 per day times 7 equals 21 posts. All I have to do is create 21 scheduled post so I can focus on following followers in the next 7 days.

Step 2 - Following the Followers

This is very easy, you just have to follow at least 400 (when your account was new) followers of big Twitter accounts like Amazon, Ebay or famous celebrities or brand depending on niche you are targeting. When our account was newly created, we must limit our following ratio to 400 to stay under the radar of Twitter because most of the new user follows almost 800 people every day and one day they will found out that their account was banned from using the site. We want to avoid this ban hammer. 

How I Follow Semi-Automatically?

Why semi-automatic? because we will still need some manual work in order this autofollow to work but we will use a plugin called Twitter Follower. What it does is, It simply adds two buttons to twitter pages: "Follow them all!" and "Unfollow them!". It is an extension of Google Chrome, just go to the store or to the link I gave above and Add it to your Chrome. I don't know if it is available on other browsers, you should check it if your not using Google chrome.
Ok, once you have added the Add-ons, we will proceed on using the script effectively.

Now go to your twitter account and search for the people or keyword you want to follow. Then once you saw a prospective person or account, go to their followers list. Then open one by one by using the right click button > open in new tab. In my case I only open 5 new tabs because it will eat lot of my laptop RAM so I guess 5 tabs will be okay, then click on the follower link of all the 5 twitter users then press the Follow All button which is located on the left side of your browser.

Every page loads 18 user accounts, if you open 5 tabs, you will get to follow at least 90 users in just a minute. Sometimes the follow script stops because when you leave the page, it won't load automatically so you have to check if the script is still working (you can see it in the video I created below if you are not sure on what I am talking about, you just have to tweet before you can watch it).

Step 3 - Unfollow Who Don't Follow Back

In this final step, I am only implementing this every 2 days. Why? Because we still want to give time to those we followed to notice about our following. We don't want to this everyday because sometimes, most people on Twitter didn't login every day, so we will do this for every other day. I will also take a screen shots how many following I have before I do this method.

Update - April 19, 2016: You will notice on my day 3 screen shots below that my following ratio now was lower than my followers. This is because I run a script which unfollow those accounts that don't follow me back.

After doing this for about 5-6 minutes, here is my results. Remember, I started with only zero following and 7 followers.

As of today April 17, 2016

Day 1: Tweets 7 - Following 471 - Followers 25

Update: April 18, 2016
Day 2: Tweets 10 - Following 911 - Followers 385

Update: April 19, 2016

Day 3: Tweets 12 - Following 470 - Followers 593

I will try to update this post everyday if God's will so don't forget to subscribe or maybe follow me as well on Twitter to get my everyday statistics and if I will get the goal of reaching 1000 followers for 7 days.


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