Day 4-5: Tweets 32 - Following 473 - Followers 617

Wow... I haven't posted and updated my Twitter account for the 4th day because of internet problem here at our country. I am very disappointed about this issue because we pay more and the services we get from our local ISP were not that excellent.

Back to our topic, I am posting a screenshot of my previous Twitter account. Actually, I haven't follow any people yesterday because of Internet problem, so I am still continuing this journey if I can reach 1 thousand followers before the end of this week. My reason doing this semi-automatic system is to prove on other Twitter user that they can also do this without paying any single dime and reach thousand of followers in 7 days.

As you can see on my last result of this journey, my followers were 593 and now it is 617, so it only added 24 followers and my tweets wasn't updated yesterday. So now, I am going to create more tweets in the future and make my tweets per day for 5x more and let us see tomorrow how will things go on.


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