Achieved! On the day 6 of my experiment, I have received 1017 followers. Before I started on day 1 of this Twitter journey, my goal was to reach 1000 followers in 1 week but in the 6th day I already gained it even though I have experience Internet problems on day 4 and don't go online to follow more Twitter followers, I still get the result I want.

In the 7th day, I will post how I automate my tweeting ability (without composing it on HootSuite) to get more people engage on my account and saw some of my keywords that I don't posted. So stay tuned.

What have I done to reach 1000 Twitter followers?

You can read some of it at Journey To 1000 Twitter Followers In 1 Week, the following was the summary of what I have done.

  1. Create a Hootsuite account and linked your Twitter account.
  2. Create pre-Tweets and schedule it and let your Twitter account ages for 5 days.
  3. After 5 days, start following the followers of your target niche using the autofollow script.
  4. After 2 days, unfollow those whose not following.
  5. Repeat this steps for 7 days.
IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not using the script of UNFOLLOW ALL because it will affect my follower base. Why? Because if you unfollow all the people in your niche, then most of the people you follow you back will unfollow you. That is why I am using a script (which is not for Free) which unfollow all those who are not following me back.

Ok, now the question is... How much followers can I gain for a month? Well let see how much.
If I can gain 1 thousand in 6 days times 4 weeks is equals to 4 thousand twitter followers.
Now, I want to experiment again and let us see if I will get 4 thousand followers in 1 month using the method I am using.

I will update every week my results, so if you want get up to date, don't forget to bookmarks my blog or follow me on Twitter.